My 2018 Project

I plan to spend 2018 in a solitary meditation, practice and study retreat.  During this time I will not be working, socializing or participating in life as usual, but retreating to a place of solitude to stabilize my attention in meditation and grow quiet enough to listen to the heart’s wisdom.  While it is a great privilege and freedom, it is also great work.  It is intensive and trying, and will likely ask everything.

One of my central intentions is to explore the play between and among structure and fluidity, practical prescription and intuition, discipline and ease.  I will be utilizing the rigorous practice guidelines set forth by my Tibetan lineage while also leaning into the emergence of my feminine sensibilities. Many contemplative teachings suggest that pure wisdom and compassion already exist in each of us, it’s only an unmasking and unveiling and un-obscuring that must occur to know them more directly and consistently.  May it be so. May the tangled obscurations of the heart be free.  And may we contemplative seekers continue to un-mask ourselves again and again so that we know the reflection of ourselves in one another ever more vividly.  This is my hope for the project.  I look forward to sharing our journeys soon.

Need support with your practice?  I have posted a number of audio meditations and some reading material.  These projects have been supported by a great many people including my Teachers and Oregon State University and I’d love for you to use them!  They are offered freely and with only a hope they are useful to you in some way.  Your emotional support, love and care mean the world to me; I’ll love to read messages sent to when I am finished with my project.  If you feel called to contribute financially to my 2018 project, it will help a great deal and I will utilize this support to cover basic costs (food, utilities, health insurance) during my time away.  I offer my unending gratitude and a promise to share what I learn (or unlearn) during my time away.  You can click here to contribute.  Thank you for being here, and for our connection.  I am so grateful.