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I first came to yoga as a junior in college.  I was extremely anxious and had few tools for coping with life’s complexity.  Fortunately, one of my dance professors was a skilled yogin who introduced me to postural yoga.  I’ve since been dedicated to the study of the physical, philosophical, and meditative aspects of the practice for fifteen years. I have completed over 1,000 hours of training with hatha yoga teachers like Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell, and thousands of hours of ongoing Buddhist and yogic philosophical study with my teachers Mira Shani, Kimberley Lafferty, Douglas Veenhoff, Kira Sloane, Will Duncan, Ann Curry and Jarret Levine- all of to whom I am supremely grateful.

More than anything, the type of yoga I practice and teach is interested in listening to, attending, and warming the heart.  My yoga practices incorporate metta themes of self-compassion and goodwill, bodily strength, attentional discipline, and gentleness.

I completed my Master’s degree at OSU in Applied Religious Ethics with emphases on Buddhist/Yogic philosophies, psychology, and contemplative pedagogy.  My thesis is titled, “Giving Birth to Reality: Experiences of Motherhood in the Stories of Eminent Tibetan Buddhist Practitioners.”

In 2018, I had the privilege to spend a year in solitary retreat to study and practice meditation full-time. I now work for the School of Psychological Sciences at OSU as the Contemplative Studies Coordinator and Contemplative Studies Minor Advisor, in addition to my instructional role in the PAC department.  Along with several colleagues, I’m currently developing a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate program at Oregon State University.  I frequently teach asana, meditation, and philosophy for both foundational and advanced yoga teacher training programs.

I am registered to teach yoga through Yoga Alliance at the 500 E-RYT level.